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The Pagers

Mom, wife, friend, sister, student (until May 2012!), and music lover who would rather write than do much of anything else. I'm short, prone to fits of organization, live in the South and also? I like shoes. A lot. That about sums it up.

I'm a student of science-y things and a lover of art-y things. I have a husband and an old dog, but no kids. I like cold drinks but no ice in them. I buy outrageous eyeshadow colors but typically wear neutrals. I collect nail polish, cheap jewelry, and old cameras, and rarely use any of them. Words are my medium of choice.

I'm an MG/YA author, a mom, a wife, a six foot tall glamazon, procrastinator, baker of cookies, hater of corner brownies, lover of romance, shoes & purses, occasional blogger and total girl.

Emma Trevayne. YA sci-fi writer, geek, music lover, nomad, general weirdo. I pretend that chocolate consumption makes me more creative. About to start writing my second novel, which, like the first, will be cyberpunk for young adults. Gloria Steinem says it better than I ever could:

"Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don't feel I should be doing something else."

I'm Melissa, a 30-something wife, mother and wannabe YA novelist. I read a lot of books, bake cupcakes and drink entirely too much caffeine. I sleep sometimes, not often though. In the dark of night is when my characters, an unlikely high-school pair, talk to me the most. I'm okay with being nocturnal. It give me more time to do it all and that's Kool and the Gang with me.

28. Single mom to an adorable little boyspawn. Bibliophile. Lover of tea and cookies. By day I work in the advertising industry, which basically means I get paid to crush my soul into dust on a regular basis. By night, I fight the forces of evil using only my laptop and my super sexy superhero garb of choice: my pajamas. *cape swish*